Monday, June 11, 2012

Roku 2 XS

This post, in case you're wondering, is not food-related but rather technology-related.

I went to Bestbuy today and bought a new streaming media player in the form of ROku 2 XS.  My older player, Logitech Revue, was getting a little outdated and buffers all the time so I needed a new one.  Roku is a great device because it plays 1080p videos, great interface, and really small size.  The device and remote size is approximately 1/3 of the size of a Logitech revue and its remote/keyboard.  It has a usb port so I can connect my external media sources and watch it on my television. I was told it plays avi, mkv, and mp4 formats but I have not tried using this device yet so I am hoping the information is correct.

One of the reasons I bought it is because it is on sale. At $89 plus tax, I think it is reasonable in comparison to Boxee Box which cost around $180 at Bestbuy.  Although I would have wanted the latter but the price was a little too much for my budget.  Set-up and software upgrade was a breeze and didn't take too long. Watching shows on Netflix, Dramafever, and Crunchyroll is great compared to using my logitech revue because there was lesser lag time and buffering.  I only had this device for half a day so time will tell if this device is worth it or not .  For the time being, I am fairly satisfied with the purchase...


  1. OMG I have it too neighbor! When I read your Logitech post, I wondered if it's the same as Roku. I'm addicted to it now and so far my random KDrama choices didn't disappoint. I'm watching Love Cheer right now and recently finished Queen of Reversal which I watched 2x he he he he

  2. Hi Neighbor. I have been thinking of getting either this or boxee box but opted to get this one for the price. I like it a lot. I downloaded crunchyroll, netflix, and dramafever apps so I can watch the movies/drama on my television. I'm currently watching a few kdramas- Big, Gaksital, A Gentleman's Dignity, and I do I do. I tried Queen of Reversal but couldn't get past episode 1. Beth (Betchay) called me earlier to ask if I finished watching episode 5 of Gaksital (bridal mask) but I told her not yet... maybe later tonight