Saturday, March 13, 2010



2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups ( cold) water
2 eggs
shredded scallion ( i buy pre-shredded scallions from k-market)
1- 2 tsp sesame oil
salt and pepper to taste
vegetable oil for frying

1. mix flour, water and egg in large bowl to make a thin pancake batter consistency- you can add more flour or water if needed

2. add scallions, salt and pepper

3. heat oil in skillet over medium heat

4. scoop mixture into the skillet using a ladle... spread as thin as possible to make it crispy... cook until slightly brown, turn over and cook until slightly brown also.

** use paper towel to absorb excess oil

*** you can also use premix korean pancake batter which you can buy from Korean supermarket instead of making your own batter... I sometimes use Dongwon Pre-mix korean Pancake Batter... just add cold water, salt , pepper and sesame oil to the mix.

dipping sauce:

mix 2 Tbsp spicy vinegar ( sinamak), 1 Tbsp korean soy sauce and 1 tsp sesame oil.

*** if you want, you can add minced scallion, minced garlic and korean dried hot chili pepper

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