Thursday, May 10, 2012

New cookwares

I love to cook but some circumstances have prevented me from indulging in my passion for the few months. Over the few months that I was unable to do much cooking, I have had come up with a few good ideas which I have been eager to try out. The acquisition of new cookwares gave me the needed push to start doing what I love to do again...
It started one after when my friend and I went to the outlet mall to window shop and stumbled upon a Le Creuset outlet. I have heard good reviews and comments about this particular brand of cookware in the past but thought they were way overpriced for my budget. Out of curiosity, we went inside and looked around. Little did I imagine that I would be walking out with (not one but) two new items- a kettle and an enameled wok. Oh, boy! I knew I was in trouble as soon as I took them home and started using them...I fell head over heels in love with them so much so that I bought two more items (3.75 qt covered deep skillet and 3.5 qt oval dutch over) the following week. Ha! That's crazy, I know especially since I just bought a 15 piece set of hard-anodized aluminum cookware set two or three months prior. What can I say? I am smitten with Le Creuset.
I am no stranger to cast iron cookwares as I have been using them for a long time. With proper seasoning, care, and storage, they can practically last a lifetime. I have had my trusty cast iron cookwares (10-inch Calphalon skillet, square Calphalon square grill, and Lodge Logic 7-quart round dutch oven) for more than 10 years, all properly seasoned and well maintained. I still love using them but even with our long-time "relationship", they still can't compare to Le Creuset. Hahahaha... I feel like a cheating housewife just by saying that but I really cannot help it. Sorry to say but they have been replaced.
Cast iron pans, especially enameled cast-iron pans (translation: Le Creuset *wink*) are great but they also have a huge disadvantage: they are way too heavy. The pot alone weighs significantly especially for someone like me who can only lift with one hand as a result of my injury. That has not stopped me from using it though. They just have to stay on the stove top and cannot be moved around once I start cooking and adding ingredients until The cooking is done and the contents has been removed. Washing can be quite a problem as well but only because they are heavy. Not to worry though as they are dishwasher safe. Should you decide to handwash them, make sure you use non-abrasive scrubber. Another added bonus is that they have a lifetime warranty for any damages incurred with normal use.
Now, I do not know if I will be buying more of these babies in the future but as much fun as I have using them now, I think there is a huge possibility that I will be acquiring more...

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