Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guacamole with Spring Roll Wrapper Chips

Avocado was on sale yeasterday so I bought a few and decided to make guacamole but then I forgot to buy some chips to go with it. Not to worry...hehehe... I had some spring roll wrapper leftover from when I made lumpia shanghai so I fried those up and made spring roll wrapper chips. These chips are a little more fragile compared to regular chips so I had to use spoon to spoon the guacamole over the chips. The taste as well as the crunchiness is really good. I didn't really add any seasoning to the spring roll chips as they already taste good without any but you can season it with salt and pepper, if desired, once they have been fried.

Making guacamole is quite simple and requires a few ingredients ut it really does pack a punch especially becaused I kicked up the spiciness factor a bit by adding a little bit more chili but feel free to cut down the amount to make it less spicy. Another key to making it less spicy is to discard the seeds as they contain the highest concentration of capsaicin.


2 ripe avocado, cut in half and stone removed
1-2 shallots, chopped finely
1 roma tomato, cored and deseeded then chopped finely
4 Thai chillies, cored and deseeded then chopped finely
salt and pepper to taste
1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
small cilantro bunch, chopped

1. Using a spoon, remove the flesh of the avaocado from its peel then mashed coarsely using a fork.
2. Add shallots, tomato, cilantro, lime juice, and peppers. Mix well.
3. Season with salt and pepper according to taste.
4. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve with chips

Spring roll chips

5 spring roll wrappers
oil for frying

1. Using a scissor, cut spring roll into 4 equal squares.
2. Then cut the squares into 2 equal triangles.
3. Again cut each of the triangles into two equal smaller triangles. Each spring roll wrapper should make about 16 small triangles.
5. Leave the spring roll wrappers out for about 15 minutes to help dry it out a little bit.
6. To fry: Heat oil in a pan over medium heat.
7. When oil is hot enough, fry a few pieces of the spring roll triangles until golden in color. This will only take about 2-3 seconds so you need to keep an eye on it to prevent it from burning.
8. Transfer to a paper towel lined plate to absorb excess oil.

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